Espen Tollefsen, born 1963 in Narvik, Norway.

Lives in Oslo and Andøya, Norway.

Works with art projects based on photography.

The starting point for much of his artwork can be found his origins by the rugged seashores within the Arctic circle. His affinity with landscape is evident in his work. He works to commission and independently, with galleries, architects, designers, and art directors, using a wide range of techniques.

In Oslo, he is a member of  Lavetthuset Artists' Studios on Hovedøya, an island in the Oslo fjord. Lavetthuset is a historic building that provides workspace for six artists, and has a showroom and two galleries that are open during the summer months.  

Member of NNBK / NBK. 

All the five members of the Tollefsen family work in different fields of art, craft and design. Although they live in different parts of Norway, they meet several times a year on the island of Andøya in the Vesterålen archipelago in Northern Norway. Together they run Atelier Nøss , a gallery and artists' studio on Andøya, which gathers the creative energies of the Tollefsen family.

foto: sven künzel